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Making automation more powerful in genomics

In order to meet today’s growing demand, automation is critical for empowering genomics labs to scale. Yet most labs have yet to tap into its true potential. While genomics labs tend to use automated benchtop instruments, highly-trained lab technicians are still spending hours each day tending to these instruments, with manual tasks such as pipetting and moving consumables between instruments. With benchtop automation, genomics labs are limited in their ability to scale, and risk errors and contamination.

At Automata, we believe that in order to usher in the coming genomics revolution, labs need to think about automation differently. They need to embrace open, integrated automation. This approach allows lab workers to enjoy full walkaway time by robotically and digitally connecting steps in genomics workflows.

The benefits of Automata’s open, integrated automation solution for genomics


Reduction in manual errors and contamination

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Increased repeatability and standardisation


Improved scale and staff utilisation

Case study: From 1388 manual touchpoints to 7 for 200 samples a day

We worked with one genomics lab to implement open, integrated automation into their quality control (QC) process.

They wanted to scale up to 200 samples a day from 200 a week. In their original workflow, the number of manual touchpoints was 1388 and the time needed for manual setup was 6 hours and 10 minutes. With our solution, they took their manual touchpoints to just 7, and setup down to 15 minutes.

Is Automata right for my genomics lab?

Here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions

How can Automata help me if the requirements for my genomics workflow are different from the solutions you have on your website?

The solutions that we have showcased on our website for sample extraction, quality control, and library preparation are what we’ve built for specific customers with their needs in mind.

The beauty of the Automata platform is that we are not locked down and are vendor agnostic. We can integrate third party devices, and propose a solution for your lab based on your needs and the problems you are trying to solve.

My lab struggles with certain steps in the workflow. Does Automata’s integrated automation mean my solution needs to be multiple steps?

We create solutions for genomics workflows that can start with integrating laboratory equipment specific workflow steps (like workcells for library preparation, or quality control) to reduce manual steps, and save time.

Alternatively, we can also integrate multiple workcells together to combine entire workflows depending on the needs of your lab. The journey to automation can take time, so we can start where you would like to start and grow as your labs grow. We understand that labs also change the instruments they use, so we can always adapt the layouts of our platform as your needs change.

Are the instruments in my lab compatible with the Automata solution?

We have worked with many vendors and have a list of instruments that we have integrated with.

If we haven’t already integrated the instruments in your lab, we will work with you to find a solution to be able to do so, as well as suggesting instruments to fill any gaps.

How will Automata bring open, integrated automation to my lab?

If you are interested in our solution, get in touch with us!

We will visit your lab to understand your SOPs and pain points and work with you to estimate how best to optimise your workflow.

We will then work with existing automation to integrate it both physically and digitally, while suggesting solutions for any automation gaps to truly bring hands-free workflows to your lab.

Some of our clients

Get in touch and find out how we can help your lab automate