Automata LINQ Cloud

Laboratory automation software that enables true walkway. Reclaim your most valuable asset: time

Automata LINQ Cloud:

Laboratory automation software


An intuitive interface that is easy to learn


Evolve and scale your lab on your timescale


For those who need something a bit different

LINQ Cloud is laboratory automation software designed to help you on your journey to fully automated workflows. Our total automation solution, LINQ, is comprised of LINQ Cloud and LINQ Bench, and together they deliver powerful, flexible automation solutions that help life sciences reach their goals.

Unlock the features that empower your team to scale the science

Automate your SOP and data flows on a digital whiteboard

LINQ Cloud’s intuitive whiteboard-style interface mimics the way your people already work, making adoption and transition to our laboratory automation software seamless.

Bridge the gap between online and offline development, problem-solving and ambition.

Quickly draft, visualise and adapt workflows as fast as the science moves.

Collaborate and monitor, wherever you are

LINQ Cloud creates a central source of truth for your lab in the cloud.

For in-house teams looking to make collaboration easier, or global operations that need to apply workflows consistently, LINQ Cloud is the laboratory automation software that can help you provide critical context, create repeatability, and maintain traceability – anywhere, all the time.

Customise your workflows with Python nodes

LINQ Cloud provides the perfect balance between controlled access and design, with completely customisable nodes using Python.

An empowering online environment that gives all users confidence and control

Tailor the LINQ Cloud experience at a user level to give everyone the confidence to execute their tasks; build bespoke workflows that tackle any challenge, no matter how unique; and apply changes at both a workcell and workflow level when needed.


Eliminate errors and increase the quality of your results

A simple way to automate your work

Automatic data upload

Monitor from anywhere

power user

A customisable way to codify your workflow

Bring your scientific flow into the digital space

Customising complex processes with Python script

Less time testing on hardware, more time creating in the digital space


A centralised source of truth and security for your lab

Automatically send all of your lab’s data to where you need it, ensuring high-quality data at your fingertips

Customise your team’s access to the platform with user and team permissions

Supports regulatory environments

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