Meet Eva

An elegant, simple, affordable robot arm built for professionals. It improves productivity on a production line, in a lab or in a classroom.
Eva costs just £4,990 and can be setup in under 15 minutes.

Use Cases

Product Testing

Mimicking rapid human like motions, touches and forces to test product for lifetime. If you make anything with a touch screen, buttons, hinges, latches or levers, this is for you.

Eva is quick to set-up, can move faster than the iPhone can handle, is repeatable enough for the tiny on-screen keyboard and is even happy to order another Eva for you ;)

Machine Tending

Loading and unloading parts into machines repetitively, 24x7: whether in a biochemical lab, pharmaceutical production, a metal machine shop or on an assembly line.

Eva has all the industry standard IO alongside a number of modern protocols, making it easily compatible with a wide range of industrial and nonindustrial equipment.

Surface Spraying

Spraying paint, lacquer, glue or other toxic chemicals on surfaces. Paint shops are far from ideal for human beings to work in, but also not ideal to automate for low-volumes.

Not anymore. Eva’s easy re-programmability and in-app widgets make it a matter of minutes to make small changes such as this, making it ideal for low-volume production.