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Born from a world-leading research lab, Automata is making total workflow automation accessible to labs frustrated by the limitations of their own environment.


Accelerating the innovation evolution

When two architects from Zaha Hadid’s research lab first approached robotics, their idea was to explore applications specific to architectural engineering.

But they soon discovered that modern automation wasn’t just unnecessarily complex – it was actively restricting innovation. And not just within their industry – within many others too. It was clear that robotic automation was a field where their combined experience in computational research and design could make a real difference. Assembling a team of industry experts, Automata was founded, with a clear aim: to enable new opportunities for innovation with automation.

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A clearer path to progress

Automata’s focus narrowed on an industry where they felt their expertise could have the most impact – life sciences, and particularly within biolab environments.

Since then, the team has been working closely with leading life science labs to pioneer protocols that enable labs to scale with precision.

Automata Labs is the product of that philosophy – simplifying lab environments and empowering the people working tirelessly in the pursuit of progress.

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The potential of people

Intelligent spaces produce intelligent outcomes

Everything we do is with the singular aim of empowering great people to do great things, whether that be our customers or individuals within our team. That is why we are people centred in our approach to design, sales, service, contracts and internal culture.

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Transformation is a big word.

We are captivated by the power of robotics and its potential to impact and transform entire industries. This leads to an impatient determination to bring tangible impact to our customers today which will result in step-change tomorrow.

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Because the future is now.

We are driven to achieve results, without compromise. This combination of drive and detail ensures that we deliver reliable, repeatable results for our customers at the pace of today.

Our leadership team

CEO & coFounder
Mostafa always has one eye on the future to see how Automata can empower human potential with automation – while keeping his sneakers as crispy as possible, of course.
Chief Financial & Operations Officer
With experience spanning global brands such as Skyscanner, Amazon, and Sony, Pete is Automata’s Chief Financial and Operations Officer. Day to day, you’ll find him using his keen eye to make sure our finances and operations are running smoothly.
VP of Product & Strategy
Nick’s obsessed with research, and developing products that enable scientists to innovate in the lab space – a great resource for the weekly pub quiz!
VP Engineering
Sven captains the engineering department – and his own canal boat. He’s committed to solving the biggest challenges of accelerating automation across software & hardware.
Head of Design
Pantea is passionate about problem discovery and designing solutions, skills she puts to practice in both her meticulously-organised garden, and at work, helping scientists simplify the lab environment with automation.
Head of People
Karian leads our people group. She’s keenly focused on scaling the team, engagement, L&D, culture – and puppy operations. Yes that last part is correct.


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