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Access a range of trusted resources that highlight the impact lab automation is having within the life sciences industry, and the transformative effect it could have on your lab environment.

Automation Guides

Using automation to improve your diagnostic efficiency – ebook

Efficiency in lab diagnostics is critical to ensuring the best possible patient outcomes. Here’s how to use automation to help you reach a better efficiency.

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A (total) beginner’s guide to lab automation

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Industry Reports

Trends in lab automation 2021

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Lab Manager

Watch our webinar to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic has empowered labs to meet growing diagnostic demands with automation

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What happened to the labs of the future? How automation failed the sciences

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Diagnostic automation key for NHS to ‘build back better’

Government and industry have an opportunity to revolutionise diagnostics in the UK: it’s time to take it.

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How to automate diagnostics processes

ab automation in diagnostics can help labs scale testing, improve speed and enhance quality. Here's how to automate diagnostics processes.

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What is total workflow automation in diagnostic testing?

Total workflow automation links multiple lab automation technologies to automate entire diagnostic workflows

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The benefits of lab automation for diagnostic testing

Lab automation technologies reduce the pressure on repetitive tasks, increase productivity and enhance quality of diagnostic testing

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Ensuring quality in laboratory diagnostics

Quality in lab diagnostics is critical. We explore methods of ensuring quality in diagnostics results.

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Case Studies

Scaling diagnostic testing with lab automation

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