Automata LINQ: Lab automation deployment and service

Providing a dedicated Customer Success Manager from day one, and a Project Manager throughout deployment; Automata’s services are designed to align our automation solutions to your goals. Wherever you are on your automation journey, we will work with you to get the most from your Automata LINQ solution.

The challenge of deploying and maintaining automation solutions

Adopting integrated automation can be an intimidating and confusing process. Understanding which automation instruments you need and how to connect them together into one workflow is a complex challenge. Most critically, your people may find it hard to embrace and use automation in their day to day, which will significantly limit its impact.

A service that takes you from design to deployment and beyond

We help simplify your journey to automation. Automata’s service team works closely with your lab throughout the process of deploying and managing their Automata solution and continues to support you through the lifetime of your solution.


Our understanding of your requirements:
What to automate
SLAs to be met
Stakeholder expectations


Our Solutions Architects develop and demonstrate a solution to meet your requirements


Installation, testing, validation and operational handover of the solution at your facility


Business As Usual with your in-house Operations team using the solution in production


Maintaining the solution and implementing performance improvements or additional use cases

Regular reviews, stakeholder meetings, progress reports and knowledge sharing

Project Management

The benefits of our service

A partner throughout
the automation process

Supported by your dedicated Customer Success Manager, we’ll be with you through every interaction as your partner, not just a provider.

Optimising your
automation for

Our Project Manager and Automation Scientists will provide ongoing support while you use the Automata LINQ solution.

A flexible automation
solution for your lab
and your people

We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements. We make sure we deliver a solution that addresses what you need now and provides a foundation to address your needs in the future.

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