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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Automation & Robotics: Frequently Asked Questions

Order & Delivery

If I order now, when will I receive my robot?

We want our customers to get value out of their Eva as soon as possible, so we like to have a chat first to understand your use case, requirements and how best to serve you. Ask an expert today to get started.

What’s in the box?

One Eva Robotic Arm, a power cable, an emergency stop button and cable, reference and safety manuals, a brake release lever and an I/O adapter. There are no teach pendants or external control devices, as these are not required. You can connect to Eva over wifi, and program the robot from any browser.

Where is Eva shipping to?

We’re currently shipping to UK and Europe and any country that accepts CE certification. We’re actively looking at certification requirements for the US and Asia.

Do you also integrate Eva?

We understand Eva is sometimes only part of the solution and we often offer integration services to help install Eva into your operations including tooling, vision systems, and interaction with other industrial machinery. If we are not best placed to integrate your project we can recommend some partners.

If you feel that your application requires a site visit or proof of concept, simply contact us and a member of the team will get back to you.

Is there a software subscription or cost?

  • Your purchase of Eva includes a license to use the current version of Choreograph (our robot control software) indefinitely.
  • Critical updates, such as security patches, will always be free.

Can I see the user manual or a STEP/CAD model?

Yes! Fill in this form.


Is there an API?

Eva is programmable with HTTP REST API available via Ethernet or WiFi. Documentation is stored on the robot computer.

Is there a ROS package or any SDKs?

  • Eva does not currently have a supporting ROS module – this on our roadmap for the coming months.
  • We do provide a Python SDK for Eva.

What capabilities does Eva have for reporting back positions?

Eva can report joint angles the HTTP API or SDKs at a rate of 30 Hz.

Can I control the robot by specifying angles or cartesian coordinates?

Yes, information can be sent to the robot in the form of specific angles for each joint, or an end effector position (cartesian coordinates and orientation).


What’s Eva’s payload/reach/accuracy/speed?

Download the spec sheet here.

Does Eva need to be rehomed after every power cycle?

No, Eva has absolute encoders (they don’t lose position on power down), and therefore does not need to be rehomed each power cycle.

What kind of motors move Eva?

Brushless DC motors.

How do I attach end-effectors? Do you sell them?

  • Our end-effector mounting plate is designed to ISO 9409-1-40-4-M6. That means it uses four M6 screws arranged in a circle 40 mm in diameter. It’s compatible with off the shelf grippers from Industry standard suppliers like Schunk and Zimmer.
  • We’ve tested the robot with electrical grippers (2, 3 fingers), pneumatic grippers, vacuum grippers, and custom built capacitive end effectors.
  • Eva features an IO connector on the head, which can send power and data to end effectors.
  • We can also help you with custom end effectors, simply contact us for more information.

Where is Eva’s control unit?

  • Eva has an onboard computer, stored in the base of the robot. This makes the entire system compact and lightweight.
  • Eva’s control software, Choreograph, is installed on the onboard computer and is accessed through your web browser via wifi or ethernet.

How can I attach Eva to my work surface?

Use four M6 screws or bolts, arranged in a 132 x 132 mm square. It can also be attached with simple G clamps, but this affects its repeatability. Eva should be installed in an upright position, and is not suitable for inverted or wall mounting.

Applications & Safety

What are Eva’s popular use cases?

  • In the Manufacturing industry: pick and place, machine tending (on a production line or integrated with a 3D printer), product testing, inspection and sorting using a vision system.
  • In Education: Robotics 101 courses, and experimental research.
  • In Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Labs: Tray Handling.

Can Eva work with inspection cameras?

  • Yes, Eva can integrate with industrial cameras.
  • Eva gets inputs from the inspection camera via IOs and takes action based on the inputs it receives.

What can’t Eva do?

  • We don’t guarantee in-flight accuracy – so we can’t recommend welding, milling, 3d printing, laser cutting, drawing or in-line gluing applications.
  • Eva does not yet feature torque sensing. We do not recommend it for cutting or screwing.
  • Eva is not certified to work with raw or unpackaged food or drinks, nor is it suitable for medical applications. However, many clean room use cases can be performed by covering the robot with a clean room sheath.
  • Eva is not suitable for environments with a risk of flash over or combustible dusts.

What are Eva’s safety features?

  • Category 0 emergency stop functionality (ie: power immediately removed from motors).
  • A manual brake release to move the robot even when unpowered.
  • Inherently lighter and slower than larger cobots so less risk of damage.
  • No pinch points in the design.

Services & Warranty

What operating hours do you guarantee?

We have a standard product warranty of 1 year.

How many hours can the robot run without taking a break?

For some light use cases, Eva can run 24/7. This is not possible in humid or hot environment, or with applications requiring fast movement or heavy payloads.

What assistance will be provided post sale?

  • Eva comes with a standard 1 year product warranty.
  • We provide online technical support via Zendesk, and will be bringing a public support community online in the coming months.
  • We will continuously roll out tutorials as well as tips and tricks to make programming easier.
  • We intend to offer additional services like predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics and an uptime warranty in the future.
  • If you need a more hands on service post-sale to ensure maintenance and upkeep, there are a number of integrators we trust and can recommend.