The complete lab workflow automation platform

Finally, a flexible automation solution that robotically and digitally connects real-life thinking to real-time results 


Automata’s LINQ platform houses and connects your instruments on a space-saving, robot-enabled lab bench, while allowing you to design, schedule and manage workflows remotely via cloud-based software.

Underpinned by your lifetime support team of scientists, engineers and automation experts, LINQ is the last automation solution you’ll ever buy.

Automata’s LINQ Cloud workflow software

Workflow Creator

Create and manage multi-run workflows remotely across one or multiple lab sites at the touch of a button. Including staff permissions, labware flows and implicit transport instructions.

Schedule and simulate

LINQ Cloud’s easy to use scheduler enables lab resource management in a virtual space. Plan multiple runs simultaneously, prevent workflow bottlenecks and map your data journey – with the ability to simulate it all before executing the workflow.

Run time experience

Guide system users with clear workflow setup and workcell instructions for instruments and consumables while monitoring the entire progress of the run, making error handling a breeze.

Automata’s modular LINQ Bench hardware

Designed with full flexibility in mind, LINQ Bench transports labware across the bench to anywhere in a workcell. When combined with robotic arms, labware can reach any part on any layer of the bench maximising useable space. 

LINQ Bench is modular, designed to fit within your current or future lab space. As you scale, so does LINQ, enabling instruments, chemistries, workcells and protocols to be added, removed, or changed at speed.

A lifelong service and partnership

Design and Testing

With over 100 systems designed, our automation engineers and customer success managers will work with your team to finalise detailed designs of your system, optimised for your lab. Our Factory Acceptance Test ensures each system meets your specific requirements before deployment.

Deployment and Training

Our international deployment team is on hand to work closely with your team to ensure smooth and timely system setup. As well as fully training your staff on how to operate, maintain and adjust your LINQ lab automation platform.

Run time experience

Your dedicated customer success manager and engineer will continue to work with you post-handover to ensure you’re getting the best from your system, and they’ll be on hand for advice, optimisations and upgrades.

Our extensive field services team cares more about system uptime than travel time, so provide fast, onsite or remote support, with SLAs tailored to your needs.

How it works

Lab Configurator bannerLab Configurator banner

Design your LINQ lab solution

Whether you’re excited to see how your workflows could be
integrated on the LINQ Bench, or just want some inspiration,
discover our latest tool the Automata Lab Configurator and
visualise your lab today.

Automating The Francis Crick Institute with LINQ

Automating genomics workflows at The Francis Crick Institute

What LINQ brings to your lab

Throughput multiplier

Increase your lab’s throughput by up to five times without a single new hire or increasing overtime.

Full data accountability 

Generate rock-solid data trails across multiple workflows and eliminate manual tracking errors with LINQ.

A time machine

Replace low-value manual tasks with time to focus on the science and get rid of the need for out of hours work.

Future-proofed set up

LINQ’s modular approach to hardware allows for automation flexibility to adapt to your lab’s needs as they change.

Reduce risk with flexible pricing

Lab automation might seem like a very expensive investment. We get it. We want to facilitate your innovation and make sure each and every lab is able to deploy groundbreaking scientific technology by offering truly flexible payment terms. 

Pay in full, or break down deployment costs into smaller chunks across a few years, or enquire about our popular pay-per-plate offering, so we get paid when you get paid.