A lab automation platform enabling true walkaway

Automata LINQ supports labs at every level of automation, by combining three components: the Automata LINQ Bench, LINQ Cloud and a world-class service, to create a lab automation solution specialised for each lab’s workflow and lab.

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The Automata LINQ bench

An automation-enabled lab bench that enables the reliable, automated transfer of labware between any two instruments in a smart workcell, through a fully automated lab bench system.


The Automata LINQ software

A cloud-based laboratory orchestrator that seamlessly connects workflow activities – digital or physical; automated or manual – in one intuitive and customisable platform.


The Automata service

A dedicated Automation Scientist and Project Manager will work with you, from design to deployment, to align our automation solutions to your goals.

Automata’s fully-automated lab bench enables labs to achieve higher throughput and reliability, without compromising on valuable lab space 


We do this without compromising on valuable lab space, meanwhile, the accompanying lab orchestration software enables true walkaway time.

Designed with humans in mind, the modular bench fits into the same footprint as your regular lab benches. Both the bench and software can be adapted for multiple workflows and are interoperable with multiple instruments, all while allowing for easy scalability within your existing environment.

Automata LINQ is a lab automation platform that enables Life Sciences labs to fully automate their workflows. We do this with our automated lab bench, which fits into the same footprint as a regular lab bench, and lab orchestration software, which enables true walkaway time.

The core benefits for your lab


Realise the potential of your lab space

With automation designed with your space and people in mind, you can make the most of your space. The Automata LINQ fits into the footprint of a regular lab bench while autonomously connecting multiple devices.


Lab automation that adapts with you 

The modularity of the Automata LINQ allows for easy scalability and configurability to fit your available lab space. Can be adapted for multiple workflows and instruments. 


Enable your lab to do more with less

With repetitive tasks eliminated, staff are empowered to focus on the work that really matters with truly hands-free automation, while the Automata LINQ delivers more and better quality data.

The platform components

An automated lab bench that fits into the same space as a regular lab bench, yet allows the full automation of workflows.

The robotic automation system enables the automated transfer of labware between benchtop instruments.

The Automata LINQ bench can integrate with a variety of instruments and the modular design allows it to be adapted for any workflow or any existing environment.


Easily configured to your lab space through its lab bench size and footprint making it a 1-for-1 exchange with your existing lab benches

Adaptability and scalability

Quickly and easily expands to accommodate the growing needs of the lab through modular design


Eliminates human errors and unplanned downtime with complete hands-off time for staff

The Automata LINQ lab automation software enables users to create automated workflows in the visual, low-code designer.

It also automatically calculates a schedule of actions for an automated workflow. With the software, lab teams can easily run their workflow seamlessly with other laboratory activities (e.g. transferring experiment data, recording audit-related information, logging process durations and times) through a single, unified lab orchestration dashboard.

An intuitive user experience

Any team member can design and run automated workflows, with minimal training and without prior coding experience

Optimises the workflow for efficiency and/or consistency

Ensure your scheduled workflow runs with the best sequence of actions, calculated automatically

Walkaway time

Lab techs are notified of important statuses and issues in the workflow automatically, without needing to tend to the machine all day

Automata’s service team is here to help make the journey to automation as straightforward and impactful as possible.

With our team of automation experts at hand, we help your lab find the right instruments for you, run through the deployment process with ease and help ongoing support.

A partner throughout the automation process

In every interaction we are your partner, not just a provider

Optimising your automation for success

Our Project Manager and Automation Scientist will provide ongoing support while you use the Automata system

A flexible automation solution for your lab and your people

We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements

Get started on your automation journey

Application of Automata LINQ


With benchtop automation, genomics labs are limited in their ability to scale, and risk errors and contamination.

At Automata, we believe that in order to usher in the coming genomics revolution, labs need to think about automation differently. They need to embrace open, integrated automation, allowing lab workers to enjoy full walkaway time by robotically and digitally connecting steps in genomics workflows.

Cell Biology

Automation is essential to allow cell biology labs to scale over the coming years. While many cell biology labs use automated instruments to eliminate manual tasks, such as plate handling, highly-trained lab technicians are still spending hours each day tending to these machines.

As a result, cell biology labs are limited in their ability to scale with most benchtop automation.


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