Using automation to improve your diagnostic efficiency - ebook

Efficiency in lab diagnostics is critical to ensuring the best possible patient outcomes. Here’s how to use automation to help you reach a better efficiency.

Diagnostics is increasingly vital in healthcare, with 70% of medical decisions today relying on laboratory test results. Therefore, efficient, reliable results are key for healthcare providers to ensure they are delivering quality care to patients.

Meanwhile, in a climate where demand for tests is skyrocketing and staff turnover is higher than ever before, efficiency is more and more difficult to ensure.

Fortunately, lab automation technology can reduce the pressure on humans to conduct repetitive tasks and enhance efficiency in diagnostics.

In this ebook, we explore:

  • From more accurate results to less operational leakage: How automation improves efficiency in diagnostics
  • Understanding what you need from automation and compiling a business case: How to automate your diagnostic workflows
  • Ongoing support and remaining flexible: How to pick the best automation partner for your lab.

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