Advances in bio-automation

Live webinar panel discussion and Q&A
18 June 2024 7:00 PM BST

Live-streamed panel discussion

You’re invited to Automata’s next live webinar, featuring a panel discussion with biotech innovators plus Q&A! 

In collaboration with Nucleate and Bits in Bio, we’re bringing together London-area biotechs that leverage automation in their pipelines to discuss the applications of automation technology and the unique and novel ways bio-automation is already being used by leading innovators.

Stream this live panel discussion and submit your questions to the panel online.

Panelists include speakers from Twig Bio, Automata, Synteny and Recursion

Meet the speakers

RusseLl Green, Automata
Russel Green, Automata

Russell is Director of Product Applications at Automata, leading the market strategy for our automation platform, LINQ.

LINQ digitally and robotically connects all the components of your lab to execute hands-free, fully automated workflows. 

Join us to learn how advanced automation platforms can deliver flexible scalability and hands-free workflows for all labs.

Satnam Sura, Twig Bio

Satnam Sura is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of the bioengineering company Twig Bio. 

Twig Bio’s automated lab enables the manipulation and analysis of tens of thousands of bacterial strains each week.

Join us for learnings and insights on bioengineering at scale without human bias using automation from Satnam.

Maureen Makes, Recursion

Maureen Makes is Director of Engineering at Recursion in the infrastructure and tools team.

Recursion unites technology, biology, chemistry and patient-centric data to industrialise drug discovery at scale.

Join us to discover how automation can support massive-scale wet lab experimentation and computational power.

lilly Wollman, Synteny

Lilly Wollman is Co-founder and CEO of AI software platform developer Synteny.

The Synteny AI Platform for Disease Discoveries utilises artificial intelligence to decode the signal of immune repertoirs to power disease discoveries.

Join us to hear Lilly discuss how Synteny are pioneering AI-led analysis in techbio and what the future of disease discovery holds.