A dark image of the Automata LINQ bench that shows the name 'LINQ' on the front of it. There is a light blue LED light around the edge of the bench.

LINQ: A fully automated lab bench enabling true walkaway

Our automation-enabled lab benches fit into the footprint of your existing lab benches, allowing you to unlock the potential of your space and people today.

The end of ill-fitting automation solutions

Typical laboratory automation solutions come with significant compromises that prevent you from scaling or adapting your workflows. This means you are limited in how much you can grow and evolve over time.

Often solutions will come with oversized footprints meaning labs have to compromise on space, are difficult to use, have inflexible capabilities, or are difficult to scale.

This limits the true impact that automation can provide for your lab and people.

Same footprint, bigger impact

Fitting into the same space as a regular lab bench, the award-winning Automata LINQ bench is the next-generation, automation-enabled laboratory bench system that can fully automate your workflows end to end. It does this by robotically and digitally connecting instruments and automating the transfer of labware. The Automata LINQ bench is able to integrate with most instruments, while the modular design enables easy adaptation for any workflow or any existing lab space.

Automata LINQ bench benefits


Easily configured to your lab space through its lab bench size and footprint making it a 1-for-1 exchange with your existing lab benches.

Adaptable and scalable

Quickly and easily expands to accommodate the growing needs of the lab through modular design.


Eliminates human errors and unplanned downtime with complete hands-off time for staff.

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Design your LINQ lab solution

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See the LINQ bench in action

A render of 5 Automata LINQ benches in a corner L-shape configuration in a laboratory.
A render of 4 Automata LINQ benches and 2 robot arms in a laboratory.
Automata wins an iF Design Award

LINQ wins iF Design Award

Automata is pleased to announce that LINQ has won an iF DESIGN AWARD in the category of Product: Medicine/Health (1.22). The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, attracting almost 11,000 entries from 72 countries, and LINQ scored above average across categories including differentiation, form, function, idea and impact.


Yes, storage solutions are available in the LINQ bench system.

Within the LINQ bench system, every bench comes standard with a number of safety features making the system safe for use within laboratory environments, and without the need for enclosures or additional safety interlocks.

A shuttle is the special transport vehicle that holds labware when it is moved across the transport layer.

The transport layer works with a magnetic end effector to move the shuttle and labware between benches.

The system includes integrated LED lighting around the perimeter of the benchtop, alerting users to the status of the system. Furthermore, the LINQ software will provide notifications to the user.

Re-configuring of bench unit orientation, position or assembly topology is provided by the Automata service team, simply contact us and we will do the rest.

Automata estimate an average installation pace of two benches per day, however, accelerated schedules can be accommodated.

The bench system as standard only requires electrical and ethernet connections to the laboratory infrastructure.

Electrical requirements are 1x 32 amp electrical connection for every 12 benches, and 1x Ethernet connection for each workcell.

Most instruments can work effectively with our robotics. Automata application engineers can recommend any alternatives should there be any integration issues with your existing instruments.

The bench system can handle a wide range of labware. Our application engineers will work with you directly to develop a workcell that fits your needs.

Every bench has an integrated barcode reader allowing the user to track labware at every step of the automation process.

The bench system can readily accommodate floor standing and oversized devices.

The LINQ bench system is designed to replace your existing lab benches on a 1-2-1 basis and can be configured in the same shapes. Bench workcells can be configured to be in a straight line, to wrap around internal and external corners, or in back-to-back island formations.

Automata provide fixing plates that constrain the feet of the instruments on the benchtop.


The LINQ bench system has been designed specifically to be resistant to chemical reactions. Enquire with Automata for further details.

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