Scaling diagnostic testing Scaling diagnostics with lab automation

Scaling diagnostic testing with automation - Case Study

How we scaled one facility to meet their testing requirements

Pathology labs were already struggling with diagnostics backlogs. Then COVID-19 hit. In this whitepaper, we explore how lab automation can help teams to scale testing for diagnostics – and get them better prepared for future health crises.

Diagnostic test wait times
The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the pre-existing problems in diagnostics
Review of Diagnostic Services NHS England Report


Is lab automation the solution to pressure on diagnostics teams?

Conducting testing at the scale needed to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that thousands of (highly-trained) lab workers are conducting exhausting, repetitive tasks over and over again. But when testing is handled manually, it not only exhausts workers, it also means that testing targets are missed, human error is common and staff’s safety is not ensured.

Lab automation removes these problems, tripling the output of test and trace facilities and ensuring social distancing is possible for key workers.


For a lab automation solution to be effective, it needs to:

  • Accelerate the output
  • Be rapidly deployed
  • Be flexible and easily integrated with existing equipment

At Automata, we worked with one test and trace facility to create a lab automation solution that could automate the process of reformatting samples.

With the Autosampler solution, we were able to clinically validate and scale testing from 1,000 a day with manual testing, up to a theoretical 100,000 a day with automation within the same facility.

Download the whitepaper to learn the key requirements for pathology & diagnostic leaders to run simple, hassle-free automation on-site – and how one test and trace facility was empowered to scale their testing with automation on-site in a matter of weeks.


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