Scale and standardise nucleic acid extraction and quality control

Integrated nucleic acid extraction and quality control

Specialised benchtop automation in sequencing workflows have made nucleic acid extraction, and the associated quality control, faster and more reliable.

Yet, highly skilled laboratory technicians are still required to tend to these instruments, and with each interaction comes an increased risk of error. In addition, to scale throughput, labs need more instruments, more staff, and more lab space.

Open integrated automation solutions like Automata’s LINQ help sequencing labs achieve scale up and standardisation in the same space, giving scientists back more time to think, analyse and report.

Processing 1,800 samples a day within 100 square feet

One Automata customer looking to increase throughput 400% was limited by their lab size and associated quality control time.

Using their current benchtop solution, processing the target 1,800 samples a day would require three additional employees, three additional extractors, and an additional qPCR machine.

With LINQ, the same throughput could be achieved with one technician, across one automated workcell, within a space of 100sq ft.

Benchtop instrumentation vs. LINQ solution

Do more with less

Fewer manual processes

Lower lab costs

Adaptable solutions

The LINQ automation platform fits around your current workflows and can integrate existing devices within the same footprint of a standard lab bench.

It’s flexible, modular design means it’s suitable for any size lab, whether you need to automate a single extraction workcell or a whole extraction and quality control workflow, automation with LINQ ensures you can add workcells, different instrumentation and additional bench numbers as your throughput demands and chemistries change.

Extraction only

This two bench extraction workcell maximises space while significantly increasing throughput.


3,000 samples extracted in 8 hours
400% increase in throughput
95% reduction in manual interactions
96% reduction in hands-on time

Extraction and qPCR quantification

This integrated extraction and QC workflow provides a high volume of quantification results using a high throughput qPCR instrument.


1,800 samples extracted and QC’d in 8 hours
500% throughput increase
99% reduction in manual interactions
98% reduction in hands-on time

Extraction and fluorescence-based quantification

This solution offers both extraction and QC, and uses a fluorescence plate reader to improve turnaround and walk away time.


1,400 samples extracted and QC’d in 8 hours
400% throughput increase
99% reduction in manual interactions
98% reduction in hands-on time

LINQ: automation that adapts with your workflows

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