High throughput screening workcell

A high-capacity workcell designed to run complex compound screens with multiple analytical readouts

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The complete lab workflow automation platform for high throughput screening

Full automation of a high throughput assay, allowing more data to be generated without affecting error rates

This workcell was designed to run screening assays at a high throughput and reproducibility with a low error rate. It uses high-capacity incubators and plate hotels, so only one setup is required for up to 100 plates per day. 

Duplicate instruments on the system mean several plates can be processed simultaneously, and there is capacity across the instruments to accommodate diversions in the case of errors.

100 plates per day
100% reduction in tip usage
ROI in 4 months

Test 10K compounds with 5 cell lines in 1.5 days

(1.5 weeks with semi-automatic solutions)

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“The support level is utmost. They’ve given me a software engineer and a project manager – specific people I can go to for specific problems.

The modularity of the system is also brilliant. When this system becomes obsolete, we’ll be able to easily break it down and adapt to the new processes with minimal cost.”

Jade Brash, Senior Automation Scientist at bit.bio

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