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Automata launches the most comprehensive automated lab solution on the market: Automata Labs

3rd November 2021Caitlin Stanway-Williams

London, UK

Today, Automata has announced the launch of Automata Labs: an accessible, worry free laboratory workflow automation solution to empower life science labs to innovate and upscale at pace.

Automata Labs is a laboratory workflow automation solution. It transforms labs of all shapes and sizes, providing scientists with accessible, and flexible, end-to-end lab automation.

Until now, end-to-end laboratory workflow automation or total laboratory automation has often been out of reach for lab managers & directors with ambitions to scale up their lab’s capability and capacity. Equipment and software are frequently too expensive, while solutions are
often inappropriate for labs with small geographic footprints.

Automata Labs makes next generation automation accessible. Automata’s modular pods house robotic arms, capable of operating lab equipment. Multiple pods can be integrated into larger protocols and automated simultaneously, minimising manual input. Supported by Automata’s management software and managed service support, Automata Labs offers a complete laboratory workflow automation solution.

Scientists who have used Automata Labs report that they are able to achieve consistently accurate results faster, and on a larger scale, than before. One healthcare partner, for example, is currently partnering with Automata to meet increased demand for Covid-19 nucleic acid testing.

The launch of Automata Labs reflects Automata’s ongoing commitment to working with partners in the life science industry, in drug discovery, diagnostics and biotech, and helping healthcare providers address systemic operational challenges.

Mostafa ElSayed, Automata’s CEO & Co-founder said:

“At Automata, we believe in the power of automation to unlock human potential and create more opportunities for innovation.

“We are, therefore, very excited to launch Automata Labs, our one-stop system to make robotic automation accessible to labs frustrated by the limitations of their own manual environment.

“Automata identified the life science industry as the sector ripe to feel the benefits of robotic automation. We are inspired to provide an accessible automated solution to enable scientists to improve patient outcomes and spend more time completing the tasks that robots cannot.

“Automata Labs accelerates human ingenuity, empowering labs, and scientists, to achieve consistent results faster, on a greater scale, and to ultimately upscale their ambitions.”

Nick Pattinson, Senior Product Manager said:

“Automata Labs delivers, quick tangible results to diagnostic, drug discovery and biotech labs wanting to be more efficient and reproduce reliable and accurate results to clinical standard.

“Our laboratory workflow automated solution creates new opportunities for scientists to innovate in the pursuit of progress.

“Our system has already been utilised by the NHS during the pandemic, to help pathology labs meet diagnostic backlogs and upscale capacity.

“We deployed our expertise, hardware and integrated solution at pace to expedite LAMP and PCR testing, providing a complete automated protocol solution for Covid-19 nucleic acid testing.

“Automata Labs provides next generation robotics, software, technical and operational support, making upscaling lab capacity, and capabilities, accessible to all at an affordable cost.

“We can’t wait to partner with more labs through Automata Labs and truly share the power of automation, enabling healthcare leaders to feasibly scale-up their ambitions.”

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Caitlin Stanway-Williams
Unlock your people

By utilising the power of open, integrated automation solutions lab technicians can unlock their spaces and achieve great things even in a small footprint.

Unlock your lab space

By utilising the power of open, integrated automation solutions lab technicians can unlock their spaces and achieve great things even in a small footprint.

Unlock your lab’s potential

With a limited number of scientists available and a limited amount of physical space to expand into, budding life sciences companies will inevitably face the question: how can I scale?