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Lab Automation

Robotic automation. Human innovation.

Introducing the most accessible lab automation platform on the market: Automata Labs.

Lab automation for life sciences

Comprising proprietary hardware, cloud-based management software and a world-class service, Automata Labs is a lab automation platform that makes scaling-up accessible for diagnostics labs, drug discovery labs, and to labs of all shapes and sizes.

Total workflow automation

Automation transformation

Automata Labs makes it possible to fully automate multiple protocols and workflows running simultaneously. Take a moment to imagine how that could transform your lab.

Lab set up with automation
Current lab set up

Why Automata?

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Scale rapidly

Unparalleled speed in deployment, from proof of concept to completion, means you could be scaling output and meeting demand within weeks, not months.

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Laboratory workflow automation

Each and every stage of the workflow is automated, minimising the amount of manual input needed to conduct assays.

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Faster together

From inception to installation and beyond, as your automation partner we’ll help you to accelerate in your pursuit of progress.

Modular Pods

The pods are modular units that perform the assays. Housing a robotic arm that operates tried-and-tested lab equipment, multiple pods can seamlessly integrate into larger diagnostic protocols, drug discovery protocols, and more, increasing lab efficiency across the board.

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Overcomes any space constraints by fitting into an area similar in size to a lab bench, with flexible layout options to suit your environment.

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Fast deployment & adaptation

From swapping in or out of individual assays, to a full-scale lab upgrade, pods adapt easily to meet demand.

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Visual computer sensors monitor and confirm success of assays completed with standard lab equipment, instilling confidence in automation reproducibility.


Our management software schedules and orchestrates the protocols from a single platform. It captures and stores data from the Modular Pods, which enhances reproducibility. And it’s cloud-based, so you can monitor your lab from anywhere at any time.

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Simple design

The easy-to-use interface, presented on just one screen, makes setting up, scheduling, and monitoring workflows simple for all users - no previous experience needed.

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Automatic scheduling determines the correct automation workflow to standardise each assay, giving you confidence in the traceability and accuracy of results.

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Continuous improvement

The wealth of data tracked and captured enables you to see which processes are working well and which could be tweaked to improve efficiency.

Managed Service

Hefty upfront fees can make automation inaccessible for labs that would like to scale. That’s why we’ve broken our service cost down into manageable monthly instalments – providing you with ongoing support from proof of concept to deployment and beyond.

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Inception & design

Initial assessments and proof of concepts are completed as part of the service, saving you the outlay of traditional consultation costs.

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No extra fees

Everything is included in one monthly payment. So whether it’s a quick troubleshooting call or scheduled maintenance, we’re there whenever you need us - at no extra cost.

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Expert support

Our Managed Service gives you unlimited access to our automation experts at any stage of your scaling journey.

Some of our clients

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Automata's approach to automation


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