The journey to the fully automated labs of the future


Learn how to transform the way your lab works by driving the adoption of open, integrated automation at scale

The lab of the future will be automated – there’s no question about that. Our best scientists will be empowered to focus their full creative and analytical capabilities on solving the big problems facing humanity, from advancing cancer research to producing lab-grown meat to help save our planet and our health.

But right now, too many of these leading minds are occupied by menial, manual, mind-numbing tasks. Even labs who consider themselves automated might be missing out on the vast untapped potential of true, integrated workflow automation. The few who adopted it decades ago are outnumbered by the majority of labs whose focus on automating individual processes often leaves their staff no better off – manual pipetting has been replaced by the equally mundane task of moving plates from one bespoke, inflexible machine to another.

The true future of lab automation is open, integrated automation, whereby labs digitally and robotically connect modular instruments into a cohesive, parallelised workflow. This allows them to automate whole assays – and even entire labs 

In this whitepaper we’ve consolidated our cutting-edge insights from many years of deploying automation. Download it now to learn:

  • What the life sciences can learn from the manufacturing industry 
  • The approaches your lab can take
  • How you can take the next step regardless of where you are in your automation journey


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