Meet Automata at the Festival of Biologics
this October, in Basel

Team Automata and LINQ at the Festival of Biologics, this October

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Team Automata will be part of Europe’s most comprehensive biologics event this October, the Festival of Biologics. 

Taking place in Basel, Switzerland, the Festival of Biologic combines five amazing events (European Antibodies Congress, World Immunotherapy Congress, World Biosimilars Congress, World Clinical Trials Congress, and Manufacturing & Bioprocessing) for a three-day discussion on the challenges and opportunities in biological drug development. 

We believe next-generation lab automation has the potential to remove barriers to innovation and give people back the time they need to push this critical industry forward. 

Our LINQ platform is designed to do exactly that.

LINQ digitally and robotically connects workflows for full end-to-end automation, giving scientists true walkaway for the first time. 

Visit the team at the Festival of Biologics to find out more about LINQ and it’s potential in biology labs. 

Automata’s Director of Product Applications, Russell Green PhD, will also be presenting his insight into automating cell line development at the event. He said: 

Automata has been working on automation system designs for everything from basic cell line maintenance to on-demand assay ready cell plates; the potential benefits of true end-to-end automated workflows is enormous. 

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