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The world’s best and brightest in human genetics and genomics research convene once a year for ASHG’s Annual Meeting, and you are invited!

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The impact of genomics automation

We worked with one genomics lab to implement open, integrated automation into their quality control (QC) process.

This system, designed for a customer to enable scaling to 200 samples a day from 200 samples a week. The QC workflow consisted of a flowbot ONE liquid handler, a plate sealer, a plate peeler, an Agilent Microplate Centrifuge and a PHERAstar FSX plate reader from BMG LABTECH.

We calculated 1388 manual touchpoints for 200 samples, and through our platform of 4 smart benches, connected through 2 robotic arms and a magnetic transport layer, these touch points were brought down to 7.

The time needed for manual setup for 200 samples was reduced from 6 hours 10 minutes to just 15 minutes.

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