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from 100-530 plates a day

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CRO automation problem solved: Scale up and stay quality-driven

From 100 to 530 plates per day

Automata partnered with a virology contract research organization (CRO) to fully automate their ELISA process, addressing the increasing demand from the biopharmaceutical community. The CRO wanted to improve throughput without compromising on ability to reprogram methods. 

The challenge involved ensuring data integrity and avoiding contamination risk, as the CRO’s work included virology testing for critical clinical trials.

Automata’s solution was a fully automated ELISA system that resulted in 80-95.25% reduction in manual interaction, a throughput of up to 530 microplates per day, reduced risk of manual errors, and improved data quality with full traceability for all actions. The integrated equipment included microplate hotels, incubators, liquid handlers, washers, readers, sealers, peelers, barcode scanners, and Automata LINQ modules and Scara Robots.

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