ELISA Assay Solution ELISA Assay Solution

Helping labs to run ELISA at scale.

Automata Labs enables labs to run ELISA by connecting lab equipment with automated robotic technology.

Complete automated workflow solution for ELISA assays.

The challenge

As the usage of ELISA continues to grow, running tests at scale remains a key issue to address within in vitro labs, sexual health labs, and other diagnostic labs.



Even when partial automation is utilised within labs, downtime of machines, utilisation of staff, the potential of human interaction causing error, or the lack of seamless integration with information systems can have significant impacts on throughput capabilities.


Human error

Even the best humans make mistakes. Manual labour carries the added risk of human error, reducing reproducibility, and a higher chance of having to run the tests again.


Staff utilisation

Manually carrying out repetitive tasks, like sample preparation or barcode scanning, means the workforce are not able to spend time doing high value analysis work.



The cost of the manual labour & partial automation required to fulfil tasks at current output levels, even before scaling, can leave little left over to fund expansion to meet throughput requirements.

The solution

Automata Labs enables parallelisation of processes and takes care of the repetitive, manual tasks by completely automating the ELISA process from start to finish.

This system could contain:

  • Plate hotel
  • Plate incubator
  • Liquid handler
  • Automated plate sealer
  • Automated plate sealer remover
  • Plate washer
  • Reagent dispenser


Our flexible automation systems can be developed with redundancies in mind to ensure maximum uptime is achieved in your lab to ensure throughput requirements.


Minimise mistakes

Reducing human touch points increases reliability of sample results, eliminating contamination and lowering chances for retesting.


Staff enablement

With less reliance on skilled labour to complete repetitive tasks, staff are enabled to do more high-value analysis work.

Two parallel blocks

Run in parallel

By running protocols in parallel, diagnostic labs are able to run multiple ELISA processes concurrently


With the ability for timestamping, barcode scanning, and more, the ability for labs to ensure sample quality is maintained can be realised.

​​Automation for any lab

Our automated, modular workflow solutions can be adapted to meet specific lab requirements across diagnostics, drug discovery, microbiology, virology and genomics.

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