Truly hands-off ELISA automation

Fully automated ELISA solutions that free your scientists from tending to lab equipment

Thinking about scale? Think outside the ‘out of the box’ solution for ELISA automation

Currently, performing ELISA requires many manual steps. Even when automation is used, it tends to be limited to isolated benchtop automation, such as liquid handlers. This means time-poor, highly-trained technicians and scientists are spending hours moving samples between lab equipment, performing manual steps that can lead to human error and compromised data integrity with other benchtop machines when running at scale.

Out of the box solutions that combine multiple steps can help address some of these issues, however they are restricted in their ability to scale due to limited on-deck space, space within a lab, and inflexibility when a lab’s needs change.

Our approach to lab automation is different. Open, integrated automation works by connecting benchtop instruments with robotics, enabled by the Automata LINQ bench and integrating them together with Automata LINQ software to create a new approach to ELISA automation.

Our automated ELISA platform

Unlock your potential


Increase sample throughput, collect more data, and deliver the results you need at scale in your lab.

Unlock your people


Empower your people to focus on higher value tasks. Eliminate repetitive manual steps and chance of manual errors.

Unlock your space


Bring insights into the best use of equipment for current lab space. Increase your ability for auditing and quality control, enabled by better data quality.

Unlock the potential of your lab space with an automated ELISA system

Built on the Automata LINQ robotic lab bench, this ELISA system has equipment operating concurrently, unlocking a lab’s maximum capacity. This can be expanded or adapted over time, with additional lab equipment or adding further LINQ modules.

The cloud-based Automata LINQ software seamlessly connects each activity in the ELISA workflow, providing full barcode scanning traceability for each sample, and adding test data to the lab’s LIMS system.

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