On-demand webinar

Next steps in genomics workflow automation

Integrated Nucleic Acid Extraction & QC Solutions

Automata Senior Genomics Applications Scientist Alice Tome-Fernandez takes an in-depth look at how two genomics labs used open, integrated automation to scale throughput and increase quality in nucleic acid extraction and quality control workcells.

Watch this recorded webinar to discover how: 

  • One automation client scaled to process 1,800 samples a day within 100 square feet 
  • A QC workflow went from 200 samples a week to 200 samples a day 
  • The impact automation can have on unlocking scale, improving quality and reducing risk – for people and processes
On-demand webinar: Thinking beyond the benchtop instruments

Watch Francis Crick Institute’s Jérôme Nicod discusses the impact of automating genomic workflows including Amplicon library preparation, FFPE RNA extraction, and COVID-19 sequencing.

On-demand webinar: Reshaping cell biology experiments for automation

In this webinar Russell Green, Automata’s Director of Product Growth, talks about how reshaping cell biology experiments for automation will enable labs to overcome common challenges

On-demand webinar: Unifying science for infrastructure-level lab automation

In this webinar Russell Green showcases how to bridge existing automation together to achieve end-to-end automated workflows in the transition to infrastructure-level automation.