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7 December 2021

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“Leveraging Technology to Streamline Workflows, Enhance Decision Making and Optimize Lab Connectivity”


The European pharma and biotech industry is currently going through a digital overhaul to modernize labs, accelerate R&D, enhance early discovery and optimize connectivity. This transitional phase is critical to success, requiring a clear strategic assessment and evaluation that will enable a roadmap that delivers optimal ROI and sustainable improvements. 

Whilst the benefits of lab automation are considerable, navigating the complex journey towards Lab 4.0 is challenging and must be driven by decisive leadership, vision and strategy. Through a series of presentations and interactive discussions, at SmartLabs Automation & Technology Europe you will acquire the necessary tools to define strategic roadmaps for successful lab digitalization, identify the suitably technology for your lab,  develop effective data quality and analytics strategies – and more.

Learn from expert speakers and panelists from organisations on the cutting-edge of lab technologies, including GSK, Roche, AstraZeneca and Bristol Myers-Squibb and visit Automata’s virtual booth to learn about total lab automation at the free event.

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