Future Food-Tech

22 - 23 Sep 2022
09:00 BST

Join us at Future Food-Tech London

Geoff Dance, Head of R&D at Automata will be speaking at 4.45pm on Thursday 22nd September.

Moderated by Rosie Wardle, Co-Founder & Partner, Synthesis Capital, the ‘Routes to Regulation: Moving the Needle on Cultivated Meat and Novel Foods’ panel discussion at Future Food-Tech London will explore regulatory challenges, advancing the route to regulation, and integrating conventional agriculture with cell-based.

  • How is the food industry bringing new products to market that are safe, sustainable, and consumer-friendly?
  • What are the challenges, for both regulators and innovators, when it comes to the regulatory approval of novel foods? How does this differ across technologies and geographies?
  • How can partnerships advance the route to regulation and market?
  • How can companies and regulators communicate more effectively and ensure advice is given early in the process? What resources are available for early-stage companies looking for approval?
  • How are we going to integrate conventional agriculture with cell-based? What role could farmers and ranchers play in this?


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