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AusDiagnostics innovates multiplexing diagnostics with new Automata partnership

AusDiagnostics, a leading global manufacturer of molecular diagnostics reagents and robotic instruments, has selected Automata as their automation partner for the development of an automated robotic solution for rapid diagnostic testing.

AusDiagnostics’ mission is to improve patient healthcare through offering innovative and high-quality diagnostic tools and services to Australian hospitals and testing laboratories. They are using automation to reduce the manual pressure on labs to process diagnostic tests, giving lab workers more walk-away time to focus on more high-value tasks.

The company approached Automata because their many years of automation experience – in particular for diagnostic labs – will help AusDiagnostics achieve their vision of an automated end-to-end diagnostic testing solution

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AusDiagnostics Edward Southall, Automation Product Manager said, of the new partnership: “We chose Automata after seeing their success in the UK with a COVID-19 testing facility, and we thought they were best placed to work with us on this project due to their pace and innovative approach.” 

Automata’s Head of Lab Automation, Nick Pattinson, added: “We are excited to announce our partnership with AusDiagnostics. Their ability to provide multiplex tests that can detect dozens of pathogens is very impressive, and they are exactly the kind of company we want to work closely with to usher in a new era of automation for diagnostics.”

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