See our robotic lab automation solutions at SLAS 2022

7 - 9 Feb 2022
09:00 EST

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA, USA

See us at SLAS 2022 International Conference and Exhibition in Boston to learn about all the latest in lab automation

This year, at SLAS 2022 Boston, we are showcasing the latest in our cutting-edge lab automation offerings from the newly-launched Automata Labs, in-person at booth 2821.

Over the next decade, automation will revolutionise the lab space, allowing organisations to scale operations, improve quality and remove repetitive tasks from human hands. But today, automation is often available only for the largest labs. Automata Labs is on a mission to change this by providing compact, modular robotic automation stations that make the technology accessible to labs of all shapes and sizes.


Who do we work with?

Automata Labs’ products are available for a number of industries, including:

  • Diagnostics: We enable labs to expedite diagnostic testing by combining tried-and-tested lab equipment with robotic automation technology
  • Drug discovery: We allow the scaling of research and development and reliable testing data with automated-high throughput screening protocols
  • Synthetic biology: We increase the scale of lab processes in synthetic biology, while still maintaining cost effectiveness, with our lab automation solutions


See our solutions in action

We’ll also be running the first-ever demo of our upcoming robotic lab bench, which fully automates workflows by using integrated labware transport mechanisms and instrument-tending robotic arms.


Meet with us at SLAS2022


Mostafa ElSayed, CEO of Automata

A visionary who first saw the opportunity for more compact and flexible automation in the lab space, Mostafa leads the Automata team. Book a meeting with him to discuss the solutions and products Automata offers, and the future of lab automation.


Mathew Keegan, Head of Applications Engineering at Automata

Mathew has supported the design and deployment of automation in labs all over the UK. Get his guidance on how to start your lab’s automation journey, as well as scaling from partial to full workflow automation.


Craig Johnston, Diagnostics Lead at Automata 

A specialist with valuable insights into the commercial impact of automation in the lab space, Craig leads the Diagnostics department at Automata. Speak to him to learn more about the benefits of automation for diagnostics and genomics.


Davide Sanseverino, Head of Growth at Automata 

Davide heads up with the Growth function at Automata. Speak to him about partnerships, branding and collaboration with the Automata team.

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