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10 May 2022
11:45 GMT

133 Houndsditch
United Kingdom

Learn how automation is changing labs, at LSX World Congress

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Nick Pattinson, Head of Product here at Automata, will be speaking at LSX World Congress about the impact automation is having on the biotech industry.

Automation has long been a buzzword associated with leading edge science, but the technology is usually resigned to specific assays & methods. However biotech research and development can be transformed by building automation across full laboratory workflows & integrating existing protocols.

This session will explore key pillars of automation across lab environments and how it can increase throughput, enhance data governance, and improve result comparability. It will also highlight key industries where automation is changing upstream processing for good.

If you want to learn about:

  • Integrating existing workflows with automation platforms
  • Unlocking comparable results without the hassle
  • Integrating automation from the ground up

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