The simple, flexible automation solution for labs and lab equipment manufacturers.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors are facing mounting pressure to increase capacity of work safely, reliably and on budget.

Automata has created Lab Assistant, a simple to use lab automation solution we have developed in partnership with organisations across pharma and biotech including pathology labs, contract research organisations, cosmetics, petrochemical, academia and lab equipment manufacturers. 

Lab Assistant enables lab-based teams to work faster and smarter, while removing human error and exposure to biohazardous substances.

Introducing your new Lab Assistant

Automata has created Lab Assistant to enable the effective automation of tasks including:

  • Machine tending: Loading and unloading of samples into machines
  • Sample handling: Handle, open and close any standard lab containers
  • Liquid handling: Low throughput with integrated automatic pipette
  • Barcode scanning: With automated labelling/un-labelling

Eva is simple to programme and can be deployed permanently to a single application or – for labs requiring a more flexible solution – it can easily be reprogrammed and moved between machines or instruments as needed.

Eva can be fitted with both off-the-shelf and bespoke end-of-arm tools for the handling of a range of common items including microplates, PCR tube strips, eppendorf tubes, petri dishes and microscope slides.

Given its light weight and small footprint, Eva can be deployed in a variety of environments including biosafety cabinets, workbenches or on a mobile trolley.

The benefits of automation

  • Run machines at 100% capacity with batch loading
  • Minimise contact time with hazardous substances in biosafety cabinets
  • Increase the volume of assays to improve rate of discovery
  • Free up skilled staff to focus on value-add work and analysis
  • Remove human error to increase repeatability and accuracy
  • Run experiment timesteps 24/7 without needing night or weekend shifts

Tested and trusted

"Sometimes you see something and you think ‘this might be a game changer’ and you have to get one. That’s how I felt about the Eva robot."

Reid Brennen, Senior Research Engineer, Agilent Technologies

Lab Assistant for Lab Equipment Manufacturers

Automata works in partnership with Lab Equipment Manufacturers to integrate Eva with a range of common and specialist machines, including: biosafety cabinets, viscosity readers, liquid handlers (dosers, acoustic dispensers), plate washers, plate readers/analysers and incubators.

For Lab Equipment Manufacturers, this integrated automation offering enables them to enhance their product range by utilising robotics to differentiate and get ahead of the competition – by increasing the throughput of their current machine ranges with new minimal R&D outlay. Our in-house team of automation experts can support you in getting your next product to market in months not years.

Helping meet demand for Covid testing

The challenge of Covid-19 through 2020 has put unprecedented pressure on labs to efficiently scale the volume of testing capacity. Automata is already working with a number of labs to scale the processing and manufacturing of Covid tests. Please get in touch if you’d like to speak with one of our lab automation experts to learn more about our projects in this area.

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