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Enhancing colony counting through automation

Complete colony counting automation

The challenge

In microbiology labs counting colonies is a critical, but time-consuming process.

Our solution addresses the limitations encountered by labs that want to improve their processes and accuracy of output.

Human accuracy

Humans can only work so fast, especially when manually counting colonies. But when mistakes happen, data integrity is at risk and precious time is wasted.


Manually carrying out repetitive tasks day-in day-out is time consuming. As a result staff turnover is high and labs are understaffed.

Manual scale

Labs may not be able to increase output if they are already working to maximum capacity due to manual processes.

The solution

The Automata LINQ Platform’s automated colony counting solution integrates a robotic solution to increase scale, quality and walk away time for lab workers.

The solution is a highly-flexible modular automation station, able to fit into labs of all shapes and sizes.

Machine precision

By using automated vision instruments, labs can increase quality and ensure consistent reliability of results.


Able to run at maximum capacity with minimal human input, countings are completed quicker than ever before.

Walkaway time

By automating processing and digital data capture, staff are now freed up to more important analysis and verification work.

Colony counting is better with robotics

Robotic enabled colony counting for environmental testing

By combining benchtop instruments that integrate together such as Interscience Scan 4000tm and SciRobotics PetriSel, our solution automates the colony counting process by handling and counting plates at a rate of 10 seconds per plate from start to finish.

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