Service Policy

last updated: 23 november 2023
Version: POL- 7 (Rev 1)

At Automata, we are dedicated to providing top-tier support to our valued customers, with a steadfast commitment to ensuring the seamless operation and peak performance of your automated platform

This documentation focuses on the Hardware facets of Automata’s service solution, specifically pertaining to Automata On-Premise Equipment. Please note that matters related to Cloud Services are addressed in a separate document.

Hardware Service Scope

The following outlines the scope of the Hardware services provided by Automata.

  • Manage the delivery of the agreed service to the customer, ensuring a high level of satisfaction is established and maintained.
  • Ensure all tickets, emails and calls are owned, managed and resolved.
  • Ensure customer-specified service delivery targets are achieved.
  • Provide an escalation point for any service issues which require attention or intervention.
  • Undertake service reviews and provide service and resolution reports.
  • Agree and manage any service agreement changes or amendments.


These definitions refer to terms used within this document that refer specifically to the Hardware services provided by Automata.

  • 3rd Party Equipment – covers any instrumentation or equipment purchased outside of the LINQ Bench definition.
  • Automata On-Premise Equipment – covers the components of LINQ Bench, specifically the SCARA Robotic Arm, Rail, Transport Layer, Electronics within the Bench including the Hub, and Bench Frame itself.
  • Customer – the business that has entered into an Agreement with Automata and for whom these policies are relevant.
  • Defect – means a failure of the Automata On-Premise or 3rd Party Equipment to perform substantially in accordance with intended function.
  • Equipment – all hardware provided by Automata to the customer; Automata On-Premise Equipment and 3rd Party Equipment.
  • Hardware – the physical components of a solution.
  • Maintenance – means scheduled Unavailability of the Automata On-Premise or 3rd party equipment.
  • Managed Services – The practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining to Automata.
  • OEM – original equipment manufacturer.
  • Office Hours – from 9.00 – 17.30 UK time (GMT or BST based on date) on working days.
  • SLA – service level agreement, the level of service expected by a customer from Automata.
  • Software – Automata’s cloud-hosted software-as-a-service LINQ software application to which the customer has subscribed as set out in the relevant Statement of Work.
  • Working Days – are from Monday to Friday, with the exception of UK National Public Holidays.

Base Service

This is the core service offering that every Automata customer receives, included in the service pack.

Automata On-Premise EquipmentThis cover includes parts and labour costs for Automata On-Premise Equipment for the duration of the contract term. The Fair Use Policy applies, and this cover does not include misuse of the system.
Automata Software UpgradesAs the Cloud Services are developed and upgraded, the customer will receive these free of charge. These developments include bug fixes, software improvements and general reliability upgrades.
Device Driver UpdateAs device drivers are improved upon and new features added, these can be rolled out to customers as required.
Virtual Tech SupportThis is support offered by our Software teams, it covers the Cloud Services plus any additional workflow-related issues.
4-Day On-site Response TimeEach customer has an on-site response time of a maximum of 4 days. This response time can be responded to quicker if an engineer is available. Shorter response times can be included within the Premium Service options.
4-Hour Ticket ResponseEvery new ticket that comes into the support desk will be responded to within 4 hours, as well as an automated ticket receipt which will reassure the customer that the issue is being dealt with.
Annual Preventative Maintenance VisitEach customer agreement includes 1 annual maintenance visit for the system. This visit will check over the Automata On-Premise Equipment and change any parts that are required. A maintenance report will be provided once the work has been completed and any parts used will be listed within this.
Preventative Maintenance Visit Operational QualificationAfter every preventative maintenance visit, each part of the system will undergo an Operational Qualification Procedure. This will ensure that the customer and Automata are happy that the system will continue to operate smoothly.
Operational Qualification After RepairIf an onsite repair is required by one of our field engineers then the affected device may require a qualification once the work is completed. For Robot and Transport Layers this may just require that the device is capable of achieving the motion that it is programmed to do. Some repairs may not require any qualification.

Hardware Service Detail

Each customer has a tailor-made Service Pack which best fits customer requirements and pricing structure. Each customer gets a ‘Base Pack’, this is the most basic level of service that is provided for all customers. The customer can also add to this level of service with additional ‘Premium Options’. Both the ‘Base Pack’ and additional ‘Premium Options’ are detailed below. This does not constitute a legal document, during the contracting period the service pack will be tailored for the customer, agreed to, and then included as part of the overall contract.

Premium Services

These are additional offerings that can be included in the customer’s service pack if they require them. These can be selected for inclusion individually, based on the priorities of the customer.

Fully Comprehensive System CoverThe Base Cover only includes parts and labour costs for Automata On-Premise Equipment. This option allows the customer to also include parts and labour costs for all equipment within the Automata platform. The Fair Use Policy applies, and this cover does not include misuse of the system.
Managed ServicesManaged Services encompass the overseeing of all OEM equipment on the system. Automata will assume the role of the sole liaison and manage the interaction with the OEM equipment provider. This encompasses tasks such as addressing breakdowns, organising repair work, and scheduling preventive maintenance appointments.
Additional Cover: WeekdaysThis extends the support times up to 10pm GMT on a weekday for equipment that runs later into the day. The customer also needs to be present on-site for Automata to get access to the facility.
Additional Cover: WeekendsThis additional cover extends the support times to include weekends between the hours of 9:00 – 17:30, 7 days per week.
Shorter On-site Response TimesOn-site response times can be reduced to meet the requirements of the customer at an additional cost. Options included are 48-hour and 24-hour response time. (Any on-site engineer presence that is required will always be responded to quicker if an engineer is available regardless of this.)
Additional Preventative Maintenance VisitsAdditional annual maintenance visits for the system can be agreed prior to contracting. This visit will check over the Automata On-Premise Equipment and change any parts that are required. A maintenance report will be provided once the work has been completed and any parts used will be listed within this.

Automata Hardware Service Level Agreement Exclusions

The following are exclusions to the Service Pack in relation to Automata’s 1st party Hardware.

  • Caused by factors outside of Automata’s reasonable control including, but not limited to, a force majeure event, internet access failure, or problems beyond the demarcation point of the Automata network.
  • That result from any actions or inactions of customer or any third party not authorised by Automata.
  • That result from the Equipment, Software, or other Technology of the customer or any third party.
  • At least one preventative maintenance visit must be performed annually for the agreement to stay active.
  • Arising from the suspension or termination of customer’s right to use the Application Services in accordance with the Agreement.
  • Any incoming tickets received after 3pm may not necessarily be answered on the same day.
  • The customer is responsible for maintaining any OEM equipment that falls under their own service agreements, if this is not met and affects the running of the Automata platform then Automata cannot be held responsible.

3rd Party Equipment Exceptions

The following are exclusions to the Service Pack in relation to any 3rd party equipment.

  • 3rd party equipment servicing is covered separately from Automata On-Premise Equipment even if said equipment is service managed by Automata.
  • The 3rd party equipment service agreement is governed by the individual OEM service agreement. Automata cannot be held responsible for an OEM that does not meet it’s own service levels.
  • Automata is not responsible for any Hardware defect that should occur through normal operational use of the Automata Platform.
  • Response times, availability and uptime for 3rd party equipment are covered separately by the OEM service agreements.
  • Support and maintenance will be provided according to the terms and conditions set forth by the OEM.
  • Replacement parts are subject to the OEM supply chain and lead times.
  • Any Software updates required for 3rd party equipment will be subject to Automata permission so as not to affect equipment software driver or workflow use with the Automata On-Premise Equipment.

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