Learn why lab automation is struggling to take off, how to start automating your lab today and why robot arms will disrupt the industry

In 2008, an ALA Survey on laboratory automation found that 88% of lab workers believed they would rely on lab automation in the future. Yet it’s 2021, and 72% of scientists now say their sector is lagging behind. What happened?

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The labs of the future we were once promised have been put on hold, while society’s fascination with automation has instead focused on “flashier” projects. Meanwhile, highly trained scientists (often working on life-saving projects) are wasting hours each week conducting gruelling manual tasks like pipetting and cell cultures. 

We have the technology, so how can we bring the dream of an automated lab into reality?

Watch Nick Pattinson, Automata’s Head of Lab Automation’s, presentation at Lab Manager’s Lab Automation Summit where he takes a look at the state of automation today, what we can learn from other highly automated industries, where we should be looking to get to, and how the industry can get there together.

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Watch now to learn:

  • How automation has failed lab workers
  • Why engineers & scientists working together will bring the labs of the future into reality
  • Where to begin with lab automation
  • How COVID-19 has been a shot in the arm for lab automation
  • A demo of Eva, an innovative robotic arm that’s perfect for labs

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