Learn how organisations have tackled lockdown challenges, why SMEs are primed to bounce back twice as hard and how to nurture resilience at your organisations 

COVID-19 has undoubtedly represented the existential challenge of our business lifetimes. However as explored in our new report Beyond Lockdown: Risk, resilience and the road ahead for manufacturing, the global manufacturing ecosystem can now begin to look beyond lockdown to the realities of the new normal – and the opportunities that it presents for change and growth.

On 20th August at 3pm BST/10am EST we hosted a discussion between Automata’s founder and CEO Mostafa ElSayed, Head of Manufacturing Dr Neil Keegan and Mike Hathway, Industrial Engineer at BWI group on:

  • How their organisations have tackled the challenges presented by lockdown and the lessons they’ve learned
  • Why SMEs are in a great position to now adapt to not just survive, but thrive through future uncertainty
  • How resilience and agility depends far more on your people – and your role as a leader – than having deep pockets

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