Small and medium manufacturers can struggle with getting robotics projects off the ground. Solutions can be expensive, complicated to install, programme and run, or require the use of in-house specialists. Therefore, these issues add capital overlays to a business and delay an automation project.

Manufacturers, particularly in the UK and Europe, thrive on low mix, high volume production – most of the high volume production is usually outsourced. However, affordable automation can lower a manufacturer’s cost of production, improve throughput and allow them to remain competitive. Staff can be freed from repetitive work that a robot can perform effectively and instead perform more higher-value tasks.

The Automata Essential SME guide to success with robotics is a checklist that details the steps any manufacturer can take to evaluate an automation project. By downloading this checklist, you can:

  • Learn about the easiest ways map out your project and assign ownership.
  • Prepare your environment prior to the arrival of your industrial robot arm.
  • Set targets and determine your ideal return on investment period.
Automata essential SME guide to success with robotics
Automata essential SME guide to success with robotics

Download The Essential SME Guide to Success with Robotics checklist