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Accelerating drug discovery through automation.

Enabling labs to scale research and development and reliable testing data with automated-high throughput screening protocols.

Laboratory workflow automation for high-throughput screening

The challenge

Opportunities for progress in the field of drug discovery may be limited by a variety of human factors.

Our solution addresses the limitations encountered by labs that want to scale their research output.

Lab space


Labs may not be able to increase screening output if already working to maximum capacity within the space available.



The cost of the manual labour required to fulfil lab tasks at current screening levels, even before scaling, can leave little left over to fund expansion.



Manually carrying out repetitive tasks, such as compound library or sample preparation, means screening and testing is limited by working hours and workforce numbers.


Human error

Humans can only work so fast to ensure reproducibility. But when mistakes happen, assay reliability is reduced and precious compounds are wasted.

The solution

Automata Labs empowers you to scale research and development in your lab environment.

The Modular Pods each house a robotic arm that operates tried-and-tested lab equipment. Containing multiple data sensors for essential reporting, Pods fit seamlessly together to form one complete workflow, all orchestrated by an easy-to-use management platform.

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Reducing human touch points increases assay reproducibility and ensures consistent reliability of sample results.

Efficient icon


Able to run at maximum capacity with minimal human input 24 hours a day, assays are completed quicker than ever before.

Maximises icon


The Modular Pods are designed to overcome any space constraints, with flexible layout options that adapt to your environment.

Cost effective icon


Automation saves the cost associated with the equivalent level of manual labour required to carry out lab tasks.

Automating screening workflows with robotic enabled lab automation

From medium to high screening

Combining multiple Modular Pods that integrate with reagent dispensers such as ThermoFisher Multidrop and Gyger Certus flex, our solution automates the biochemical screening workflow from start to finish.

High screening solution

Microplate storage and incubation

Housing between 42 and over 500 plates, the microplate hotel is loaded with the microplates ready for the assay, and contains storage or an incubator as required.

Reagent dispenser

Compatible with a range of dispensers and capable of handling a high volume and range of plates, the second pod dispenses the reagent onto the plate.

Reading pod

The reader in this pod collects data from the assay. BMG LABTECH’s PHERAstar FSX is a common choice due to its higher throughput.

Some of our clients

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