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At Automata, we have a dedicated team of in-house automation engineers and experts, with skills spanning cell design, end of arm tooling selection, application engineering, safety and more. We’re now offering you free access to their expertise and time, to evaluate your parts and application and help you get your 2021 automation projects off to a flying start!

Two common hurdles to automation projects are: identifying the application you want to automate and figuring out how to replicate that process using a robot. 

We’re offering you the opportunity to send us your parts, pictures of your parts or a video of the application you want to automate and we’ll tell you:

  • How to get a successful PoC up and running
  • How to navigate integrations
  • Common pitfalls you might not be expecting

Gain free expert advice from our team, a better understanding of how to approach your project and see how Eva can help you automate your processes.

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