The manufacturing landscape has changed beyond recognition over the past decade and with unprecedented global challenges impacting British and European manufacturing at a local level, the industry is facing more uncertainty than ever before.

However with challenges comes innovation and a new generation of adaptable manufacturing businesses is emerging. Automata is a young manufacturing business with big aspirations and as we have continued to scale on our journey to democratising robotics, we have set out to speak to and learn from the best and most innovative businesses and industry experts out there – and we’d like to share our findings with you.

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  • Why the current business landscape is changing so quickly and why the old rules and strategies no longer apply.
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  • How and why the most successful manufacturers keep their people at the core of their DNA.
  • The tools and strategies used by successful manufacturing businesses that give them a competitive edge by fostering resilience and enabling growth.

“If the UK manufacturing industry is going to not just survive, but thrive through uncertainty it needs to adopt a new manufacturing culture. An agile culture of education, collaboration, sharing of best practice, embracing new technologies and learning from the new generation of young people coming into the workplace.”

Risk & Resilience: Towards a new culture in manufacturing
Risk & Resilience: Towards a new culture in manufacturing

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