Qualitetch case study cover
Qualitetch case study cover

For many small and medium manufacturers, automation can pose a surprising number of challenges – from trying to accurately determine the scope of a project, to integration of the hardware into already existing processes to determining ROI and timelines for success. Qualitetch are small parts manufacturer from Cambridgeshire for whom automation proved to be the solution to their challenges.

An ambitious business focused on growth in new markets and geographies, Qualitetch were looking at ways to double production on a key pre-cleaning line – without relying on additional headcount or running additional shifts. By implementing an automation solution using Eva, the low cost industrial robot arm, they were able to achieve their goals and free up their staff for value-add, technical operations.

The Qualitetch case study shows their approach to project scoping, their installation of the robot and their plans for the future. By downloading this case study, you will learn about:

  • The issues facing Qualitetch in their drive for expansion.
  • The internal processes they underwent to determine how Eva could bring value to their business.
  • How Qualitetch determined ROI and what the future holds for their automation goals.

Download the Qualitetch case study