With Eva, the small parts manufacturer were able to double their output without having to increase workforce or run antisocial shifts

Cambridge-based small parts manufacturer, Qualitetch, were looking for a way to double their production, without having to double headcount or run antisocial shifts in evenings and weekends. They were looking for an affordable automation solutions provider that was simple enough for staff to deploy, with the flexibility to move between different lines and applications.

Then they discovered Automata.

By implementing an automation solution using Eva, Automata’s low cost industrial robot arm, they were able to achieve their goals and free up their staff for value-add, technical operations. Ultimately, they achieved ROI in under 8 months with Eva.

Download the Qualitech case study to learn how:

🦾 Qualitech doubled the capacity of a bottleneck production line

🦾 The company achieved ROI on an robot arm in under 8 months

🦾 The team got the robot up and running in an hour and a half

🦾 Eva was able to be deployed for various applications across the workfloor

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Download the Qualitetch case study