Integrated lab automation that is easily accessible and scalable.

Standing by every step of the journey. We start by scoping the lab's requirement, designing the automated solution and validating it.

Cloud software

Our powerful cloud-first software allows labs to easily integrate trusted tools into their workflow, control processes, and collaborate from anywhere.

Robotics hardware

We bring together cutting-edge, vendor-agnostic instruments and components to create an efficient, robust and flexible workcell.

Ongoing support

We are a committed partner. We oversee the smooth and efficient running of the automated platform and are there to support developing needs.

We design, deploy and optimise your automated lab of the future. Our modular solutions support innovation and accelerate life science progress.

The core benefits for your laboratory

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Maximise the workflow capacity

Our vendor-agnostic integrated lab automation solutions are designed to meet your lab’s specific needs, unlock efficiencies, deliver immediate value and fulfil key performance targets.

Access and interpret more reliable data

Faster and more accurate lab processes secure the rich data that drives innovation. Effective total lab automation increases accuracy and accelerates this flow of data.

Enable scientists to research and innovate

Integrated lab automation increases walkaway time, giving lab scientists the freedom to work smarter, re-engage with pioneering research and continue their development.

The platform components

Our modular and scalable integrated lab automation platform has three key components:

Allows labs to digitally link and orchestrate the commands and data flow between their digital and physical resources to successfully execute a workflow from anywhere in the world. Also enables the simple creation and validation of new workflows, to maximise the use of workcells (the arrangement of physical resources in a lab).

Simple design

An intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes setting up, scheduling, and monitoring workflows simple, and a runtime monitoring dashboard gives confident walkaway time.


Automatic scheduling and error handling enables reproducibility of results and quality control, while deep, high-quality data sets secure crucial traceability.

Continuous improvement

The wealth of data tracked and captured enables labs to optimise workflows for simplicity, speed, user independence, accuracy and efficiency.
Guided by our user-centric design service, hardware from a disparate supplier base is physically linked together to automate the movement of labware from one instrument to another within the workcell.


Optimise space by taking advantage of flexible and reliable bench layouts that not only suit the environment but also allow labs to start small and grow their automation.

Fast and flexible

From swapping in or out of individual assays, to a full-scale lab upgrade, modular pods can be easily adapted to meet future-proofing demands today and tomorrow.


Barcode scanners and sensors monitor and confirm success of assays completed with standard lab equipment, securing confidence in automation reproducibility.
From designing modular workcells to deploying hardware, and overseeing its smooth and efficient running, we are ever-present workflow consultants that expertly lead labs in their migration from either fully or partially manual processes to an integrated and automated process that maximises efficiencies.

Inception and design

Our Applications Engineers help clients identify their automation requirement, before designing a solution against that brief. Full functional models are then built and refined further before being deployed.

Expert support

Our end-to-end support services are unique in the market. We provide field and permanent on-site support, giving clients peace of mind and confidence at every stage of the automation journey.

No extra costs

Our expertise and support is included in one monthly payment. Whether it’s a quick troubleshooting call or scheduled maintenance that’s required, we’ll be with you at no extra cost.

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The power of integrated lab automation

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Why partner with Automata?

Providing expert guidance

We remove the fear of automation. We support every step on the integrated lab automation journey and give you the confidence to scale up at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Challenging convention

The beauty of automation is the flexibility it affords. There are no barriers. Just new possibilities. Our thinking unlocks new ways of working and liberates your scientists.

Engineering lab success

We design and deliver automation from an engineering perspective, rather than being driven by traditional life science processes. It’s an approach that transforms results.


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