Next step in genomics workflow automation: integrated nucleic acid extraction and quality control solutions

20 June 23 | 1:00 PM BST

With benchtop automation, genomics labs are limited in their ability to scale, and risk errors and contamination.

Open integrated automation allows labs to go beyond benchtop instruments, like liquid handlers, which still require many manual steps, for increased throughput, reliability, and repeatability.

Join Alice Tome-Fernandez, Senior Genomics Applications Scientist at Automata, to learn more about how open, integrated automation can unlock a step change in the potential of genomics labs and have a scientific in-depth review of two fully developed use cases:

  • Nucleic acid extraction and quality control workcell – how our client was able to process 1,800 samples a day within 100 square feet, with ROI achieved in under 18 months
  • Quality control workcell – scaling from 200 samples a week to 200 samples a day with a QC workflow consisting of a flowbot ONE liquid handler, a plate sealer, a plate peeler, an Agilent Microplate Centrifuge, and a PHERAstar FSX plate reader from BMG LABTECH.

Our speakers

Alice Tome-Fernandez, Senior Application Scientist Genomics

Alice is a Senior Applications Scientist here at Automata working within the genomics team.

She has a Bachelor of Science – Natural Sciences – from University of East Anglia, and an extensive background in multi-omics technology development and running high throughput genomics assays both manually and using automation.

Recent papers include:

Both published in Nature Scientific Reports.

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