Integrate automation-friendly benchtop equipment in a genomics lab

Connect multiple devices to increase throughput by up to 400% with our new automation platform

The major benefit of our walkaway workflows developed by Automata is the ability to prepare samples and generate data rapidly, accelerating the pace of discoveries at the Crick.
Jerome Nicod, Head of the Advanced Sequencing Facility at the Francis Crick Institute

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In today’s genomics labs automation tends to be limited to benchtop instruments, such as liquid handlers. While great at one specific task, lab workers are still required to conduct manual steps, limiting the impact benchtop automation is able to have – on your people, and your productivity.

Wouldn’t it be better if instruments were able to easily integrate together, unlocking the real power of lab automation?

Automata’s LINQ is a lab automation platform that allows entire genomics workflows to be connected without vendor limitations.

  • Integrate multiple benchtop devices to increase throughput by up to 400% or more
  • Bring about life-changing discoveries and medical care with this step-change in automation
  • Reduce manual interactions and associated errors, and give your team true walkaway time

An example automated genomics workflow featuring multiple instruments integrated by LINQ

The impact of LINQ

Unlock your potential

Increase in throughput, from 50-250 plates a day

Scale your lab’s throughput, while you deliver more and better quality data with open, integrated automation.

Unlock your People

Reduction in manual interactions

Eliminate repetitive manual steps and out-of-hours work empowering your people to focus on what really matters with truly hands-free automation.

Unlock your space

Increase in throughput in the same space

Reap the rewards of lab automation today, without disrupting your current lab space or your existing staff.