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2021 trends in lab automation

The lab of the future is here today. Here’s how automation is shaking up the industry.

19th October 2021Caitlin Stanway-Williams
Greater use of automation changes the type of work a scientist carries out, removing a lot of the repetitive and menial labor, and instead freeing up time for thinking, developing new ideas and pushing the boundaries of knowledge.
(Alice) Poppy Roworth DPhil, the Head of Laboratory at Arctoris

As STEM workers across the globe open their minds to the possibility of lab automation, the industry changes rapidly. And the lab space is fast becoming a more innovative, streamlined and future-facing ecosystem.

The lab automation market is set to reach $6.6bn valuation in 2026 – up from $4.6bn in 2020 (Markets and Markets)

But, for all the promise that powerful tech such as robotics, automated data collection and AI can bring, it can be hard to keep up. Especially when you’re stuck spending so much time doing the same old, repetitive tasks in the lab…

That’s why we’ve launched our brand-new report: 2021 trends in lab automation. In it, we explore what’s happening in the lab automation space today, what you need to know, what technology is right for you, and how you can kick start your automation journey.

Human-robot teams are 85% more effective (MIT Review)

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  • The main drivers of lab automation
  • The equipment that’s changing the game
  • The lab processes that are prime for immediate automation
  • The restraints holding back adoption – and how you can overcome the challenges to embrace the lab of the future

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