IDT clients achieve ROI in less than 1 year using cells supercharged with Eva robotic arm integration

Learn how they did it


Automotive and white goods solution provider, IDT, wanted to disrupt the traditionally expensive and (unnecessarily) complex industrial automation sector. They were looking for an affordable manufacturing robotics solution, and wanted to work with a company that shared their open-source values. 

That’s when they discovered Automata. With our easy-to-programme industrial robotic arm costing just £8,000, and able to operate with six degrees of freedom, we were the perfect partner for them. 

With the Eva integration in their cells, IDT were able to automate tasks for their clients that were previously too costly and complicated. This led to them significantly increasing their yearly revenue (even during COVID times) and bringing one customer to ROI in under a year.


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Find out how the Eva integration provided IDT solutions with:


🦾 Flexibility: The ability to redeploy robot to new processes quickly

🦾 Simplicity: Software and intellectual property that is open rather than restrictive

🦾 Reliability: IDT’s clients typically operate 24/7 on expensive and complex production lines without a hitch

🦾 Custom human machine interface: IDT were able to use Eva APIs to develop a custom HMI for their cell


“We wanted to disrupt the automation industry and we were looking for a robotics partner that had the same forward-thinking ethos as ours.”

IDT Founder, Paolo Ferragatta