Learn how Greyparrot reduced costs and project complexity with Eva

Greyparrot has developed advanced AI-powered computer vision software that enables the waste and recycling industry to identify, sort and audit waste at scale. The Greyparrot team utilises Eva as an affordable robotic solution to test the integration of their software with industrial machinery.

Download the Grey Parrot & Automata case study to learn how:

🦾 Greyparrot reduced pilot costs and project complexity with Eva

🦾 The team got their initial toolpaths up and running within a day, despite having little prior robotics experience

🦾 The team used Eva’s Python SDK to build custom API integrations with their cameras

“I expected it to take a couple of weeks to get up to speed with the software but we managed to run the first robot motion in a day.”

Marco Paladini, co-founder, Greyparrot

Download the Greyparrot case study