The next Industrial Revolution should be for humans

Automation isn’t solved. Even in factories, where it’s prolific, only one in ten automatable tasks is automated. The rest is done by people – sometimes in inhumane conditions, and often for minimum wage.

This work isn’t limited to factories. It’s all around us – even in our homes.

Automata is dedicated to solving this problem. The tools we make will redefine what it is to work, and they are for everyone. The challenges awaiting us are unique. They loom large in difficulty and impact, and even big tech companies don’t dare to take them on.

After all, we make decisions based on fundamental philosophical questions. Our product is an integrated hardware, software, operational and business stack, designed from scratch. The powertrain is proprietary, and it’s made of more than eight hundred parts. We intend to keep improving every layer.

For us to succeed, our team needs to grow. We want radical people with wisdom from multifarious backgrounds.

Join us in building this future. We’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

It's more than just a job

Interview Process

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This may change slightly between roles but this is the general outline we try to follow:

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