Find out how the automotive manufacturer became more competitive with Eva

Automotive manufacturer, BWI group, needed a lightweight industrial robot that could work on the factory floor alongside their workers. But traditional industrial robotics providers just didn’t cut it: Their machines were too complicated for employees to operate, and far too expensive. BWI was struggling to find the right fit. 

Then they discovered Automata’s lightweight industrial robot arm, Eva. 

With Eva, BWI was able to automate repetitive tasks that were causing injury and high employee turnover – with no need for production line redesign or new cages – while making huge cost savings.

” Eva is giving us a better chance of winning new jobs. “

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🦾 How augmenting BWI’s existing industrial machinery ensured their human operators enjoyed more flexible, more fulfilling work

🦾 How automation helped BWI maintain social distancing, ensuring profitability even during the COVID pandemic 

🦾 How Eva helped BWI lower their prices and become more competitive

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BWI Group case study