Without a doubt, COVID-19 represents the challenge of our business lifetimes. As we begin to emerge from these unprecedented global challenges, the industry can now refocus on the long term horizon and identify new opportunities for growth and evolution.

For smart businesses, adversity is the chance to leverage their agility, their hunger and their resilience to rewrite the rulebooks. In this report, Automata has set out to speak to and learn from the best and most innovative businesses and industry experts out there – and discover how resilience and flexibility depend more on culture and leadership, rather than deep pockets or smart strategies.

Download the report, Beyond Lockdown: Risk, resilience and the road ahead for manufacturing, which explores:

  • The key industry learnings from COVID-19 – and why it’s not all bad news.
  • Why SMEs have a head start when it comes to rebuilding for flexibility and resilience.
  • Practical tools and techniques for building resilience within your organisation.
  • How culture and leadership in small businesses play a critical role in an organisation’s ability to weather change.

Download the 'Beyond Lockdown: Risk, resilience and the road ahead for manufacturing' report