Increase speed and reliability in cell line development with automation

Give your team time back to fully focus on their work with the LINQ automation platform

Automata love a challenge, and they let the science drive their engineering which is absolutely key. We found that with other companies, they would not bend their engineering for our science, yet the science is the most critical thing when it comes to biotech
Jade Brash, Senior Automation Scientist at

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Cell line development is an intensive process, often requiring constant watch from lab workers and manual tracking of large amounts of data.

Combined with transferring items between equipment manually and waiting for instruments like centrifuges to finish running, mistakes can be made and the time it takes to develop cells can be too slow to keep up with demand.

By automating critical steps in cell line development workflows, human error is hugely decreased, results are improved, and your team is empowered with time away from the bench top.

Automata LINQ is an open lab automation platform that can fully automate cell biology labs of any kind:

  • Reduce the time it takes to develop cells as parallelization becomes possible and throughput is increased
  • Increase the amount of data available to improve sample size, viability, and repeatability
  • Monitor and track cells automatically, reducing the risk of mistakes or losing track of samples
  • Limit the need for human attendance and interactions, allowing scientists to focus on research and analysis instead
  • LINQ works with existing benchtop equipment and chemistries, and downtime for implementation is minimal

An example cell line development workflow integrated and automated by LINQ

The impact of LINQ

Unlock your potential

Increase in throughput, from 50-250 plates a day

Scale your lab’s throughput, while you deliver more and better quality data with open, integrated automation.

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Reduction in manual interactions

Eliminate repetitive manual steps and out-of-hours work empowering your people to focus on what really matters with truly hands-free automation.

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Increase in throughput in the same space

Reap the rewards of lab automation today, without disrupting your current lab space or your existing staff.