Adding value to your production line does not need to be costly. Affordable automation solutions can handle repetitive tasks and free up your staff

As small and medium sized manufacturers face increasing pressure to remain competitive by improving margins and efficiency – while in parallel facing a skills shortage – they are increasingly turning to robotics as part of the solution.

Industrial automation has typically been costly and complex, best suited to high volume industries such as FMCG or automotive manufacturing. However, a new category of affordable industrial robotics is making automation more accessible for SMEs than ever before.

By implementing a low-cost robotic automation solution, SMEs can easily:

  • address key bottlenecks in production lines.
  • maintain flexibility around capacity and throughput.
  • increase volumes to meet temporary spikes in customer demand.
  • free up staff and upskill them for more value-added work.

With Eva, the low cost industrial robot arm, manufacturers are automating their most repetitive processes, such as loading and unloading, material handling, machine tending and other repetitive pick and place processes. With its small footprint, the robot can easily be moved between workstations, making Eva an ideal solution for high-mix, low volume manufacturers with a wide variety of processes.

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Addressing a skills shortage with automation

For SMEs, one of the biggest barriers to sustained growth is a shortage of staff available to take on the more repetitive, menial or physically intensive tasks. More widely, workers are seeking opportunities to upskill, widen the breadth and depth of their knowledge and be challenged in their day-to-day roles.

In addition, fluctuations in customer demand often mean taking on untrained, temporary staff and spending time and money training those workers without the benefit of being able to offer long-term employment.

For companies looking to address such staffing challenges, automation with Eva can provide many opportunities:

  • automate basic repetitive pick and place tasks, freeing up staff to focus on value-add operations.
  • directly address concerns around upskilling and training.
  • expand into second and third shifts when needed with little additional cost.

Considering automation as a solution to staffing challenges? Download The essential SME guide to success with robotics and see how quickly your business can get started.

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Automata’s Eva is the only industrial grade robot that when fully deployed is affordable and accessible for SME manufacturers with high mix, low volume production runs. Begin your automation journey today with your copy of The Essential SME guide to success with robotics and learn more about:

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  • where to start and how to define the project scope.
  • how to optimise planning and preparation before your robot arrives.
  • how to get stakeholder buy-in.
  • how to approach measuring success and calculating ROI.