Join us on Thursday 26th November at 3pm GMT to learn how to deploy your robots as safely and efficiently as possible.

As the manufacturing industry sees a new generation of smaller, lighter, safer robots enter the workplace, the way we assess and mitigate against risk continues to evolve as technology matures.

However, while the risk profile of robots in the workplace is shifting, they must still be considered industrial machinery and the associated risks still need to be assessed and managed accordingly. 

As such, we’re delighted to welcome David Collier CMSE® FSP® of Pilz, one of Europe’s leading voices on machine safety, and Automata’s very own machine safety expert Mike Grout CMSE®, to share their collective wisdom and experience enabling organisations of all shapes and sizes to work safely. 

Join David and Mike to learn: 

  • Simple strategies for developing, deploying and managing robotic cells safely
  • How to approach risk assessments
  • What the terms Collaborative Robot or Cobot really mean in practice
  • How to navigate the increasingly complex certification landscape
  • Where to find the most useful machine safety tools and resources online

We look forward to seeing you there.

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